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Clean organized, add feature and appointment in the same alert

Unlimited Contacts

Save hundreds or even thousands of your contacts and it's never get limited.

Organize Group

Organize grouping of your contacts, simple way to stay connected.

Go Green

Using this app mean you are support go green, paperless.

Interacted with Icons

It's easy to use with many icons shows what to do. Fabulous!

Creative Design

Our designer provides creative designs for templating this app.

Meeting Feature

It's much more easy with Namee to create appointment with others.

Why this app?

Get more connection and save the trees. Namee application were design for easy interaction, it's paperless. You can customize many templates for your name card.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform.
  • Everything is perfectly organized for the future.
  • Stay connected everywhere
  • Custom template for personalized yourself

Namee Card Application

It's coming from simple idea. We were angry with our wallet that becomes big every time we met someone. Why is that happen? We always switching our name card.

Now, we are develop and create a great design to perform a digital name card. It's an alternative solution for everyone. You can carry your name card with smartphones and share to everyone you met.

You can save thousands contacts in this app and keep them for free, no surcharge for this. Always free!.

Get personalized yourself with great name card template in this app. You can customized what you want, your company brand identity and even more.

Spongebob Addict, UI / UX, Mobile Design

Kika Syafii
Designer -

I like programming, especially web programming.

Rori Kurniadi
Web Programmer -

For the future

This is what we use

Working with Cloud

To keep this app well perform, we working with the Cloud to run the application.

Secure Data

Your data is important, so that why we build this app with secure programming and server.

24/7 Support

Our support are 24 hours ready. We will be there if you have something to tell us.

Screen Shots

Some of our screenshots

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